The Novel "The Magic Jacket and the Ring Will soon be available, its currently
going through it's final checks before it will be released. So be patient once it's ready
I will promote it. This book will not be a paper edition since I'm self publishing, it will 
be sold as a readable file on any device.


You will find plenty of ghosts walks everywhere but non of them can match
the originality of this walk since it was the first in the whole of the World, All 
ghost walks in York stemmed from this one so if you don't want to miss out.
You are in the right place for a fantastic night of entertainment. Personally I
get very frustrated when I see the amount of competition around us yet we still
do what we are good at. So make the right choice when choosing a ghost walk
and make sure you will actually learn something about the City and its haunters.

Type Trevor Rooney's Ghost walk trip advisor to read our reviews.

We keep on getting people back and bringing their friends along! So this say's something
about the way we hunt for those ghosts and tell long lost stories about them recovered from
old texts written hundreds of years ago. In some cases we are able to pin the story to a happening
which makes them tales more relevant.

Its the crowds that come that create the atmosphere so its better for the whole mood to have plenty
of people who want to be entertained and not bored by guides who talk like tape recorders doing the
same old rubbish day in and day out. You definitely don't get that with us.  You will find our this when
you pay a sensible price for sensible people like us who know what their customers are looking for.

Myself and my guide Graham will not let you down, we are both as equally as good as each other at
what we do but both distinctly different in character. Arguments have ensued over the years with various
tour groups in York with me due to them stealing our script then going out and telling the stories in a poor
fashion unfitting for a ghost walk of York like this one. Unfortunately I have to make this point known here
since this has been a concern for me for years upon years.

I hate unprofessionalism when professionalism is the name of our game!